Creating a Survey Group

Survey Groups are a Pro Feature within the Mechanical Turk Toolkit that ensure unique workers in multiple studies that are live at the same time. To create a Survey Group, follow the steps below.

When you use Survey Groups, any worker who accepts a study in the group will be disqualified from accepting other studies in that group. Using this tool, your studies are guaranteed to have a mutually exclusive set of respondents.

Creating a Survey Group

The Survey Groups feature is located on the Pro Features page in the study setup.



To create a Survey Group, click on the button that says, "Create New Survey Group." After clicking the button, a box will appear where you can give your survey group a name.




After creating a Survey Group, you can apply the group to your survey(s). To apply the group, click on the drop-down box and select the Survey Group you want to apply.



Once you apply the Survey Group to multiple studies, the name of the surveys included in your group will appear below your Survey Group.



NOTE: When using the Survey Groups tool, you can only add studies that have not yet been launched to any group. This is because the Survey Groups tool is meant to exclude workers from multiple studies that are live at the same time. If you want to exclude workers from a past study, you can use other options for Excluding Workers