Why Is My MTurk Balance Incorrect?

If your MTurk balance is incorrect, first check whether a discrepancy in fees may be causing the error. If the difference between the balance you see and expect is large, you may have linked your CloudResearch account to the wrong MTurk account.

Large differences between the MTurk Balance people see and the one they expect are often caused by linking the wrong MTurk account to your CloudResearch account. This can happen when people use multiple MTurk accounts or CloudResearch accounts. For example, some users may create a personal MTurk account and an MTurk account for their lab or work with collaborators. In other instances, one lab account may be shared by multiple researchers, or multiple lab members may share a computer to log into different MTurk accounts. Either way, large discrepancies in the MTurk balance people expect and what they actually see are often the result of funding a different MTurk account than the one currently linked to the CloudResearch account in question.


To check whether the MTurk account you funded is the account linked to CloudResearch, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Account in upper right of the header and select "Mechanical Turk Account."

  2. On the following page, select "Edit your Amazon Credentials."
    account settings_view amazon mturk credentials_1.05.2021-1
  3. Use the downloadable PDF and re-follow the instructions for linking accounts to ensure that the access keys you entered into CloudResearch are ones that match the funded MTurk account. You can jump to Step 4 in the guide and focus on ensuring the secret key and secret access key of the IAM user you created match what you have entered into CloudResearch.  


An alternative way to solve the issue created by a large discrepancy in the MTurk balance you expect to see is to request a refund from the MTurk account you funded (Amazon MTurk customer support: mturk-requester-support@amazon.com) and then to add the funds into the MTurk account currently linked to your CloudResearch account.