What to Expect When Running a Managed Research Study

When running a study with Managed Research, CloudResearch will help target participants, manage data collection, and provide expert advice about best practices for your online study.

A Managed Research study typically begins when researchers tell us about a study they want to run and request a quote. Within a few days, a project manager responds and provides a quote. If the research teams wants to proceed with the study, CloudResearch will send a contract and ask the research team to sign it. After signing the deal, CloudResearch will ask for a link to the survey.


Before sending the link, a project manager works with the research team to set up an end of survey redirect, so that participants are routed to our system when they reach the end of the study (this ensures participants get paid). After setting up the redirect, CloudResearch uses the survey link to collect the data. A project manager oversees all communication with participants, handles any problems that arise, and makes sure participants get compensated for their time.


For all Managed Research studies, we begin data collection with a small pilot, typically for 10% of the total sample size. The pilot ensures everything is working properly and the data are being collected. When the pilot is complete, a project manager asks the research team to look at the data and make sure everything is working properly. If everything is working as it should, we move forward to collect the rest of the data. Once data collection is complete, the project manger notifies the research team and we issue an invoice for the agreed upon amount.