What is Managed Research?

Managed Research is a CloudResearch service to help researchers set up complex studies or manage data collection when targeting hard-to-reach samples.

CloudResearch offers several services that allow researchers to conduct studies on their own, but we also offer Managed Research where we help you design or manage your project.

When Should You Consider Managed Research?

Managed Research are ideal for those who:

  1. Are not familiar with running online studies and would feel more comfortable having a Project Manager from CloudResearch manage their study.
  2. Want to run a study with a complex methodological or technical design—e.g., stratified samples, longitudinal or tracking studies, targeted recruitment—but don’t know how or don’t want to take the time to learn.
  3. Have a specific sample in mind that cannot be targeted using self-service tools (e.g., people from certain zip codes, nurses, people with certain medical conditions).

Getting Started with CloudResearch

  • If you are interested in receiving a quote for a study you want to run, tell us about your study. Afterward a Project Manager will contact you with information about price.
  • Managed Research is often necessary when researchers want to target a group of participants that may not exist in large numbers on MTurk or are hard to reach on Prime Panels. When the demographic group you want to sample is hard to find, you will receive a message from the Feasibility Calculator during study setup that asks you to contact CloudResearch.
Contact TurkPrime for Custom Demographics

If you receive the message above, it is because your study is either too long (anything > 25 minutes on Prime Panels) or the demographic population you are targeting is difficult to obtain from the self-service options. In both instances, we can help you run your study with our Managed Research service.