What is Incidence Rate?

The incidence rate is the percentage of participants within the group you are targeting that are likely to meet additional qualification criteria in your survey.

When setting up a study on Prime Panels, you are required to input the Incidence Rate (in tab 2 of the study setup menu: Study Settings):

Automatic targeting criteria are only available for some demographic characteristics. When you have additional criteria that are not available as automatic targeting, you will be asked for the incidence rate for this additional criteria. The incidence rate will be the rate that the qualification criteria you are interested in occur within the population you have automatically targeted.
For example, let’s say that you have your panel settings set to automatically target men who make 100K+ per year:

The incidence rate of this panel would be 100%, because the system will only be targeting participants who meet this criteria, and thus 100% of participants should qualify, and you can put in the incidence rate as 100.

However, let’s say that you are targeting participants who live in urban areas or you are targeting participants who are men who make over 100K and live in an urban area. There is no automatic targeting option for living in urban areas, so, if you’d like to, you can set this question as a screener in your survey and set the incidence rate to the percentage of people in the general population that live in urban areas (80%).

Low incidence rate studies (~25% or less) will not be feasible through the DIY service, but can be run using CloudResearch Managed Research