Using the Prime Panels Feasibility Calculator

When you setup a study in Prime Panels, there is a feasibility calculator on the Panel Options tab you can use to estimate the cost and likelihood of reaching your desired sample.

Panel Costs

Once you begin selecting demographic characteristics for your sample, the feasibility calculator will estimate the cost. Panel costs range from $0.00 to $3.00 per participant depending on how difficult it is to reach people with the demographic characteristics you select. Panel costs are in addition to what you pay for participants. On Prime Panels, the price of your study is determined by how long the study takes. The Prime Panels feasibility calculator shows the total cost of your study (i.e., participant and Panel fees summed).



Some Studies are Unfeasible

In addition to calculating cost, the feasibility calculator assesses the likelihood that you will be able to reach your desired sample size, given the Panel Options you select. If the panel you are trying to recruit is not feasible, you will receive a message that your study may not reach the number of participants you desire.



When you receive this message you can contact our customer service to receive a quote for what it would cost to guarantee you reach your desired sample.

Complex Targeting Criteria

In addition to the Panel options available when setting up your study, Prime Panels allows for complex demographic targeting far beyond what is available in our self-service tools. Using Managed Research, we can target nearly any sample. If you are interested in sampling a hard-to-reach group, you can tell us about it and a project manager can provide a quote.