CloudResearch Fees for Using the MTurk Toolkit

We offer different pricing structures for academic and business accounts when using the MTurk Toolkit.

  1. Business Pricing: with a business account, each participant who completes your study is subject to a fee of 10% of the workers’ compensation. This fee is the same regardless of whether you use Pro Features or not.
  2. Academic Pricing: with an academic account, the core features of our MTurk Toolkit are free. This means that if you use the Toolkit without using our Pro Features, you will not be charged a fee. If you use Pro Features, you will be charged $0.02+5% of the workers’ compensation for each participant who completes your study. This fee remains the same regardless of how many Pro Features you use.

Premium Features

Fees for premium features are calculated separately for both business and academic accounts. Some premium features, like Naivete, have a fixed charge ($0.25 per participant) while others, like demographic panels, are based on the incidence rate of the panel chosen.

Mechanical Turk Fees

Our MTurk Toolkit pricing does not include Mechanical Turk’s fees. MTurk charges a fee of 40% of each worker’s total compensation for HITs that exceed 9 participants. Using our Microbatching and Hyperbatching features (both Pro Features) you can reduce this fee to 20%.

Mechanical Turk’s fees are deducted from your MTurk account, while CloudResearch’s fees are deducted from your CloudResearch lab account.

Why am I being overcharged?

The fees we assess for using the MTurk Toolkit are rounded up to the nearest penny and calculated per participant. This fact sometimes leads to small discrepancies between what people calculate they should be charged and what we actually charge.

To illustrate, imagine you have an academic account and the cost for using Pro Features is $0.02+5% of each worker’s compensation. If you collect data from 250 workers and pay each worker $0.50, the Pro Feature fee would be $0.045 per participant, which we would round up to $0.05. Without rounding you might expect to pay $11.25 ($0.045 * 200), yet with rounding the total fee actually comes to $12.50 ($0.50 * 250). We calculate fees separately for each participant because studies sometimes collect less responses than originally intended. Because we don’t charge requesters for responses they do not or could not collect, we calculate fees per completed response.