Transferring Funds

Transferring funds to other requestors (other lab accounts)

On CloudResearch, you can transfer money from your lab account to another user’s CloudResearch lab account. This is especially helpful in collaborative research, as researchers can easily transfer money to their colleagues’ or students’ accounts.

To transfer funds, click on “Transfer Funds” beneath the Account section on the header. Add the name of the account (email address) you want to transfer money to and the amount to be transferred. If you want, you can add a message to your transfer.

You can initiate multiple transfers at once by clicking on the “Add Row” tab below the account name text box. If you change your mind, simply click the “Remove” tab on the right to remove a recipient.

Transferring funds between MTurk and CloudResearch

What if you accidentally upload money intended for your CloudResearch lab account to your MTurk account? Amazon Mechanical Turk and CloudResearch are two independent companies, and unfortunately Amazon does not currently provide a way to transfer funds between the two. You can request a refund from MTurk and then upload the money to your CloudResearch account.