Scheduling a Study Launch Time

When setting up your study with the MTurk Toolkit, it is possible to schedule a future launch time. When the scheduled time arrives, your study will automatically go "Live."

There are several reasons why you may want to schedule a future launch time for your HIT. Perhaps the most common is when you want to collect data at a specific time and you will not be available to launch the study (e.g., 3:00 am).


CloudResearch allows requesters to schedule a future launch time for their HIT while working through the study setup process. More specifically, on the Setup Hit and Payment page, there is an option to schedule a future launch time. To use this option, all you need to do select a date and time to launch your study using the calendar on the launch time tool.




NOTE: The CloudResearch calendar runs on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the same time used by Mechanical Turk. Be mindful that you will need to convert UTC into your local time.


Once you schedule a launch time and finish setting up your study, the final step is to "Launch" the HIT. If you have schedule a future launch time, your study will wait until the appointed time and then go Live. If you do not press launch for your study, it will not go Live.


Note: Once your desired launch time arrives, it may take a moment or two for your study to actually begin. This is because CloudResearch and Mechanical Turk need to assign any Qualifications associated with your study as it launches.