Schedule an Email Launch Time

When emailing workers, you can have your message sent right away or schedule a future time when your message will be sent.

You can email MTurk workers using CloudResearch's Email Workers feature. When emailing workers, you can have your messages sent as soon as your study launches or at a future time and date that you specify.


Sending Emails

There are two ways to send Emails on CloudResearch. The first is to send emails to a group of workers using their Worker IDs. To do so, find the Manage Workers tab on the header and click "Email Workers.

On the next page, you can craft your message.


After writing your message, choose whether your email should be sent now or at a specified time. If you choose to send the emails at a specified time, a date/time picker will appear allowing you to choose when your message should be sent. Choose a date and time for the email to be sent and press the green check mark to confirm.



  Finally, press "Submit." 

Note: The scheduled date and time are displayed in the browser’s local time. Your message will be sent at the time scheduled for your local timezone. Be mindful that the email will be sent based on the time in your browser’s timezone, and workers may be in different time-zones.

The second way to send emails on CloudResearch is from the study dashboard after the study has been set up. To message workers using this method, find the  “Email Included Workers” button in the Actions column of the dashboard.



On the following page, you will see some details about your study and have the opportunity to craft your message. The study details on the left can conveniently be clicked and dragged into the message field if needed. 


The Worker IDs included in your study will automatically be used for the message and this field cannot be edited. Emails will only be sent if the workers are qualified for your survey and have not started it at the time the email is sent.

The subject and message fields will be pre-populated with a default message. You can use the default message or prepare your own. 

When you are ready to submit the message,  if the survey is not live yet, you will be given a choice to schedule a time for the email or to send it when the study launches. If the scheduled time is before the launch time, the email will be sent once the study launches.

Finally, if your survey is already live, you can either send the email immediately or schedule a launch time.

NOTE! If you schedule an email to be sent too far out in the future and your study completed before the scheduled time, the email will not be sent.