My Study is Complete. Why Haven’t the CloudResearch Funds Been Withdrawn?

When you launch an MTurk Toolkit study, MTurk fees are withdrawn from your account right away. CloudResearch lab fees are deducted as workers submit and are approved for their HITs, which can sometimes create a lag in the accounting.

CloudResearch withdraws money from your Lab Balance as workers are approved for the HITs they submit. Sometimes, researchers may notice that their study has completed, all participants have been approved, but the Lab Balance funds have not been removed from their account. Whenever this occurs it is due to a lag in the withdrawal system.


CloudResearch is setup so that financial transactions are rectified on a daily basis at the end of the day. If your study is Live during the day and then completes after the cutoff time for daily removal of funds, it may create a lag in the system and some funds may not be removed until the end of the next day. If you think there is a larger issue with the balance of your account, please contact our customer service.