HyperBatching your Study

HyperBatching breaks your study into multiple HITs of 9 assignments or less and runs all HITs simultaneously. HyperBatching is the fastest way to collect data and cuts MTurk fees from 40% to 20%.

HyperBatch is a Pro Feature that allows you to run a study optimized for the fastest data collection while saving 50% off MTurk fees.

HyperBatch breaks your study into HITs of sample sizes 9 or less, cutting MTurk’s fee by 50%. When using HyperBatch, all your HITs are active at the same time, allowing for the fastest possible data collection. HyperBatching prevents workers from taking multiple HITs within the same study, and at the end of your study, we provide a consolidated csv file with all HIT IDs and Worker IDs associated with the study.