How can I View my Study's Details?

From the CloudResearch dashboard you can see a basic and extended view of the details associated with your study.

CloudResearch’s dashboard allows you to quickly view several important details associated with your study. On the dashboard you can view the status for each study (Live, Paused, Stopped), the sample size, and the sample specifications. If you have not launched your study yet, you can also see a table with a breakdown of study costs.

Extended View

When you click on a study in the dashboard, you will see an extended view that shows several more details about your study. For example, in the extended view you can see how long your study is expected to take, how much time you have allocated to each worker to complete the study, and median time workers spend on the survey. You can also see the bounce rate and any pro features you have selected for the study.

If you click on the button “See Survey Specs,” you can review your study setup without the danger of accidentally changing anything.