Determining Study Settings

The second step in setting up a Prime Panels study is determining your study's settings.

1. Project Name

You can give your project an internal name that is not shown to workers.

2. Title

Your study title is shown to participants. Therefore, we recommend a generic title such as, “psychology survey” or “public health study.” Generic titles let participants know they will be asked to fill out questionnaires and to participate in a typical academic study without giving enough information to introduce self-selection bias.

3. Number of Participants

Next, enter the number of participants you wish to sample. Prime Panels has tens of millions of participants worldwide, so sampling very large groups of people is possible.


4. Expected Time

Enter the expected time it will take participants to complete the study. On Prime Panels, the length of your study affects the price. If your study takes participants significantly longer than the expected time, we may have trouble obtaining the sample.


5. Survey Hyperlink

Copy and paste the URL from your survey into the survey hyperlink box.


6. Email Address

Provide up to five email addresses to associate with the study. When your study launches and when data collection is complete, we will send a message to the email addresses you list on this page.

7. Set a Survey Group

To ensure that participants from a previous Prime Panels study do not also participate in a later study, you can create a Survey Group. Survey Groups allow you to add multiple studies to a group. By selecting the group during study setup, you will ensure that people who participated in any study within the group cannot also participate in the current study.