Adding an End-of-Study Redirect

On Prime Panels, participants demonstrate they have completed a study by reaching a special landing page. To direct participants from your survey to the landing page, follow the instructions below.

What is an End-of-Study Landing Page?

When participants on Prime Panels reach the last page of your survey, they are redirected to a termination landing page. The termination landing page communicates to CloudResearch that the participant completed your study. Landing on the termination page only means the participant proceeded through the entire study; it doesn't say anything about the participant's data quality.

NOTE: If you're familiar with Mechanical Turk, the termination landing page is analogous to a completion code. Termination landing pages and completion codes are simply a way to check that a participant proceeded through the entire study.

How do I Set Up a Redirect?

Regardless of which tool you use to create your survey, setting up a redirect consists of two steps. First, you want to make sure you capture each participants' assignment ID (abbreviated as 'aid'). Second, you want to add a page to the end of your survey so that any participant who reaches the end is automatically redirected to the termination landing page.

Within the Prime Panels study setup, we have guides for setting up a redirect on Qualtrics, QuestionPro, and SurveyMonkey. If you use a different survey creation platform, you should be able to find similar settings for capturing embedded data and redirecting participants to an external web page.