Using the Feasibility Calculator

When you setup an MTurk Toolkit study, you can use our Feasibility Calculator to estimate the cost and likelihood of reaching your desired sample.

Once you enter your sample size and begin selecting demographic characteristics for your sample, the feasibility calculator will estimate the cost. Panel costs range from .13 to .67 cents per participant, depending on how difficult or easy it is to reach people with the demographic characteristics you select. 

In addition to estimating cost, the feasibility calculator estimates how likely it is that you will reach your desired sample.

Some Studies are Unfeasible

If the panel you are trying to recruit is not feasible, you will receive a message that your study may not reach the number of participants you desire.

When you receive this message you can: a) proceed anyway, launching your study to see how many participants you’re able to gather, or b) contact our customer service to receive a quote for what it would cost to guarantee you reach your desired sample. Guaranteeing that you reach your sample may involve recruiting from our Prime Panels platform.

Note: If you launch the study on your own, there is a limit to the maximum number of times you can restart your study. Restarting the study helps it move up the Dashboard that people on MTurk use when finding HITs to complete.