Selecting Demographic Options

Once you begin creating a study, you can select the demographic characteristics you would like your sample, or panel, to have.

The first step in setting up your study is selecting the number of participants you'd like and the demographic characteristics they should possess.

CloudResearch has profiled MTurk workers on a variety of demographic characteristics. Some of these characteristics are basic demographics such as gender, age, race, level of education, income, marital status, etc. Other demographic characteristics are specific like how often people drink alcohol, which social media platforms they use, whether they have been diagnosed with a medical condition, how often they exercise, and whether they own a pet.

To simplify searching through demographic qualifications, you can select filters that will display only the qualifications that are in a specific category.

MTurk Toolkit Study Setup: Panel Options


If you do not see a qualification you are interested in, you can suggest one. We can screen tens of thousands of Mechanical Turk workers within days and create the qualification for you.

TurkPrime MTurk Toolkit Study Setup: Suggest Options