Selecting Demographic Options

When using CloudResearch’s MTurk Toolkit, you can target your study toward participants based on hundreds of previously profiled demographic criteria.

The fourth page in the study set up process allows you to set the number of participants you'd like to collect data from and determine the demographic characteristics they should possess.

CloudResearch has profiled MTurk participants on hundreds of demographic characteristics. Some of these characteristics are basic such as gender, age, race, level of education, income, marital status, etc. 

Other demographic characteristics are specific like how often people drink alcohol, which social media platforms they use, whether they have been diagnosed with a medical condition, how often they exercise, and whether they own a pet. If you don’t see a qualification that you would like to use, you can suggest it. We will add the question to our system and make participants who meet your criteria available for your study.



To efficiently search through the many demographic qualifications available you can use the search bar. Or, you can sort the demographics by category. Once you select a category, you can view the qualifications within it by clicking on the category to activate a dropdown. Selecting characteristics within a qualification adds them to your study. 





Cost of Demographic Panels and Feasibility

Panel costs are based on how easy or hard it is to find people who meet your qualification criteria. More formally, this is known as an incidence rate.

The incidence rate for people in their twenties, thirties, and forties is much higher on MTurk than it is for people in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Therefore, it costs less to sample younger people than older people because there are more younger people to sample from.

Panel costs on the CloudResearch MTurk Toolkit range from $0.13 to $0.67 cents per participant. You can assess how much your study will cost and whether it is likely you will reach your sample size using our Feasibility Calculator. Once you set your sample size and start adding demographic characteristics to your study, the feasibility calculator will show both the cost of your study and the number of participants who meet your sampling criteria. If there are not enough participants to reach your desired sample size, you will receive a message to consider our managed research option.  

Once you begin selecting demographic characteristics for your sample, the feasibility calculator will estimate the cost. Panel costs range from .13 to .67 cents per participant, depending on how difficult it is to reach people with the demographic characteristics you select.