How to Set up a Prime Panels Study

Prime Panels is an online platform with tens of millions of research participants worldwide. To set up your study, follow the steps below.

  1. Provide Basic Information
  2. Enter Study Settings
  3. Set Study Demographics
  4. Set Quotas (Optional)
  5. Configure Additional Screening
  6. Save, Review, Pilot, and Launch

1. Providing Basic Information

The first step in setting up a Prime Panels study is including some basic information. Things like the project name, project title, and what platform your survey is programmed in.

PP Knowledge Base_Set up study [basic info]_12.14.2021

After you select which survey platform you are using, instructions for how to capture participants' IDs and how to set up study re-directs will appear. The example below is for Qualtrics.


PP Knowledge Base_Set up study [redirect instructions]_12.14.2021

2. Enter Study Settings

Next, you should enter your study settings: the number of participants, the expected length of the survey, your project URL, etc. 

PP Knowledge Base_Set up study [study settings]_12.14.2021

3. Set Study Demographics

The next step is to select the demographic features of the sample you intend to target. You can choose from basic demographic features such as age, gender, ethnicity, education, income, etc. Or, you can choose from a list of more sophisticated categories like level of education, occupation, time spent exercising, number of children, and more. 

PP Knowledge Base_Set up study [demographics]_12.14.2021


To target very specific or complex samples requires the help of a CloudResearch Project Manager. Tell us about the study you'd like to run and we can provide you with a quote.

4. Set Quotas (optional)

After determining your study settings and demographics, you can set quotas to ensure your sample contains a specific number of participants from different groups. For example, if you want to ensure your sample is balanced by gender, you can add a gender quota and specify that 50% of your sample should be male and 50% female.

Other quota options include the ability to stratify your sample based on any demographic characteristic you're targeting or to apply a census-matched template.

PP Knowledge Base_Set up study [quotas]_12.14.2021

5. Additional Screening

Lastly, before launching, you’ll be asked to specify whether you are using additional screening questions including a demographic screener to qualify participants, attention checks for data quality, and within survey quotas. If you are using any of these features, we will provide instructions for how to set up within survey redirect links.

PP Knowledge Base_Set up study [additional screening]_12.14.2021

6. Save, Review, Pilot, and Launch

The final step in the study setup sequence is to Save your study. Once the study is saved, it will appear on your Dashboard where you can Review and then Launch it. When you Launch your study, you will be asked to review the end of study redirect. After the review, you can run a small pilot or launch your full study.