What is a Fully-Managed MTurk Study?

You can run an MTurk Toolkit study using your own requester account or using CloudResearch's requester account. When you use our requester account, we help manage your study.

Mechanical Turk Requester Accounts

To run a study on MTurk, you must be registered as a "requester." A requester account allows you to post HITs for workers to complete, and over time, your requester account develops a reputation and connections with workers. Maintaining a good reputation and growing the number of workers you are connected with can benefit you when you want to launch a new study or message workers who have completed a past study.

If you do not have a requester account or do not want to create one, you can run MTurk studies on CloudResearch's requester account. When you run studies on CloudResearch's account, we refer to it as a fully-manage your data collection once you have designed your survey.

What Does Running a Study on TurkPrime's Requester Account Entail?

When you choose to run a fully-managed MTurk study, you create your study and set it up on CloudResearch. After your study is setup, a CloudResearch project manager will review the details to make sure it follows the best practices for MTurk. Once your study is launched, TurkPrime handles all communication with workers and makes sure workers get paid. When data collection ends, we let you know. That's it!

Note: Review by CloudResearch entails looking at your study settings, which workers you are targeting, and how much you're paying. It does not mean walking through your actual survey and commenting on study design.

Some Things to Be Aware of with Fully-Managed Studies

  • Because fully-managed studies are run on CloudResearch's requester account, we require that you pay worker's a minimum of 10 cents per minute.
  • After your study is setup on MTurk, it will undergo review by a CloudResearch project manager. The review will focus on ensuring your study settings are optimal for MTurk.

When Should I Consider a Fully-Manged Study?

Fully-managed studies are appropriate for people who:

  • Want to test out MTurk before committing to opening their own requester account.
  • Are running a handful of MTurk studies, but don't plan to be a regular requester.
  • Do not want to go through the trouble of setting up their own MTurk requester account.
  • Want to run studies on MTurk, but do not want to manage worker communications or worker payment.