Selecting Pro Features

Pro Features are options that enhance your study by speeding up data collection, anonymizing Worker IDs, or verifying a worker's location among other things.

The last page in the study setup is the Pro Features page. Pro Features are features meant to enhance your study by enhancing worker privacy, or verifying a worker's location. Pro Features incur an additional charge, but the charge is a flat fee. Once you use one Pro Feature, you have access to all features for the same price.

Data Collection Features

  • MicroBatch

MicroBatching breaks your study into multiple HITs of 9 assignments or less and runs HITs sequentially, allowing you to slow down data collection. MicroBatch cuts MTurk fees from 40% to 20%.

  • HyperBatch

HyperBatching breaks your study into multiple HITs of 9 assignments or less and runs all HITs simultaneously. HyperBatching is the fastest way to collect data and cuts MTurk fees from 40% to 20%.

NOTE: MicroBatch and HyperBatch are mutually exclusive; selecting MircoBatch disables HyperBatch and vice-versa.

Worker Privacy Features

  • Anonymized Worker IDs

Some researchers do not want, or are not allowed, to collect Amazon Worker IDs due to privacy concerns. For these researchers we created the “Anonymize Worker IDs” feature. When using this feature, CloudResearch encrypts each worker’s Amazon ID, which results in a unique CloudResearch ID for each worker. CloudResearch IDs are just as functional as Amazon Worker IDs and can be used for all the same purposes (e.g,. including and excluding workers, issuing bonuses, emailing workers). When using the Anonymize Worker IDs feature, all workers will remain anonymous unless they choose to contact the requester by email.

  • Enhanced Privacy

If you want to provide workers with extra privacy, you can choose not to collect IP addresses for the people who take your study. When you check the "Enhanced Privacy" box, we do not store IP addresses for your study.

NOTE: When the Enhanced Privacy feature is on, the Block Duplicate IP Addresses feature will be disabled.

Apply a Survey Group

Survey Groups are a way to ensure unique workers across multiple studies that are simultaneously live and collecting data. Survey Groups work by grouping a set of your studies together, and then when those studies are Live at the same time, ensuring that workers can only take one study within the group. Learn how to create a survey group here.

Target Workers By Location

    • Target Workers by US Region

    If you want to target workers by region of the US or by groups of US states, you can use the "US Regions" feature. This feature enables targeting workers by general region of the country or by more specific sets of states.

    TurkPrime Pro Features

    NOTE: When you use US Region Targeting, all other country and state location settings you selected earlier in the study setup will be removed.