Business Accounts

CloudResearch Fees for Using the MTurk Toolkit

With a business account, each participant who completes your study is subject to a fee of $0.05+6% of the workers’ compensation. This fee is the same regardless of whether you use Pro Features or not. In addition, this fee is only what CloudResearch charges; MTurk charges its own fee of 40% of each worker's compensation for HITs that exceed 9 participants. Using our Microbatching and Hyperbatching features can reduce this fee to 20%.

CloudResearch Fees for Using Prime Panels

The price of a study on Prime Panels depends on the length of your study and the demographic criteria you select. Our price calculator will calculate the cost of your study as you add or remove sample criteria on the Prime Panels study setup page. The price calculated is the total cost of your study, including participant compensation.

If you would like for our team of researchers to design and run your project, you can receive a custom quote by completing a form on our website. We can create custom solutions for your project and provide you with one-on-one support.